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Multi-Family Apartment Building Inspections

A multi-family apartment building purchase is a considerable investment and can be a source of long-term financial security.  A building inspection is an absolute necessity to aid you in decision making and negotiations during your purchase. A comprehensive inspection identifies defects or issues and can spare you unexpected and costly repairs. 

Our inspection includes the following: 

  • Mechanical Inspections – Mechanical inspections consist of inspecting the systems that provide comfort to your tenants.  Those systems include the plumbing, electrical, and heating ventilation and air conditioners or HVAC systems. These systems can be costly to replace and can take up a significant portion of your repair and maintenance budgets if they are in poor shape.
  • Roofs – The roof of any building is essential to a solid investment property.  Replacing roofs can be one of your biggest replacement items and can make a big difference in your insurance coverage.  Make sure you know how much life is left in the roof and if the end of it's useful life is approaching.
  • Foundations – Solid foundations can make or break your investment.  Problems can be hard to spot and easy to cover up. Foundations on older buildings in particular can be very costly to repair or replace. 
  • Unit Inspections – Walking through each unit is critical in determining the property condition and the quality of your tenants.  With the new Rent Control laws in California, you want to be sure you are not inheriting problematic tenants which you will be stuck with. We recommend inspecting each and every unit interior. 
  • Inspection Report - Armed with a comprehensive, detailed inspection report, you can assured that you know the exact condition of the property before you move forward with your investment. 
  • Consultation - A consultation with the inspector is always included with every inspection, incase you have any questions or concerns regarding your inspection. 

For more information, see the Addtional Resources below, or call us at (626) 755-3683. We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

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